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Stop Doing Crunches To Get A Six-Pack!

MYTH #1 - More core/abs exercises will target the belly fat more than any other exercise

MYTH #2 - Crunches/sit-ups are the best to develop your core

In regards to the MYTH #1, when your body uses the fat stores from your body, it does not pick a specific area of your body just because you exercised it more than the rest. Your body is a complex organism. If it wasn't, people would be walking around with six-packs when the rest of their bodies would be overweight!

When it comes to the MYTH #2 - crunches and sit-ups are very direct and simplistic exercises to target your abdominal muscles. However, they are not the most effective or safe in that regard. Your core stabilises your trunk and protects the internal organs and works together with your spine to protect it. By actively flexing and extending our spine (crunches) we are slowly chipping away from our spine's health and slowly developing and injury-to-be.


#1 Focus on reducing your body fat through intense workouts with safe and compound movements such as squat, deadlift, bench, row, pull-ups etc.

#2 Adjust your diet accordingly to support the body-fat loss to allow your abdominal muscles to become more visible.

#3 Use static exercises and spare your back from flexing and extending it under resistance. Use bird-dog, anti- rotation, plank, dead bug etc.

Tom, Atlas Health

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