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How Hip Flexors Are NOT Responsible For Your Squat

Do you struggle with the depth of your squat and experience an uncomfortable pinch in front of your hip? Please, do not blame your hip flexors for that!

Hip flexors flex your hip, or in other words, bring your knee/thigh towards your chest. The action itself promotes the hip flexion so important for a deep squat.

So, if the muscle itself is made to flex the hip, why would it prevent to fully flex then? It simply doesn't make much sense.

This tightness or a pinch can be experienced due to the type of a hip joint you have or poor technique.

#1 Reassess you squat or lunge technique

#2 Figure out if your hip prefers wide or narrow stance

#3 Then load it up and focus on your knees being stable and in place

Happy squatting!

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