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Diabetes and Ketogenic Diet

Did you ever think that you may be able to reverse Type 2 diabetes by simply adjusting your diet?

Dr Stephen Phinney and Dr Jason Fung like to classify type 2 diabetes the same way they classify gluten intolerance or dairy intolerance.

When we think of type 2 diabetes we think of insulin, blood glucose and the inconvenience of insulin injections, finger pricking to measure glucose and many complications which are result of poor management of the condition.

Did you ever stop to think that you may improve or even reverse this condition by completely avoiding carbohydrates when following a low carbohydrate diet?

Here's the thought process:

Type 2 diabetics cannot control their blood glucose.

To lower their blood glucose they need insulin.

Diabetics consume carbohydrates which they cannot tolerate and inject insulin to counter the food they consumed.

What if no carbohydrates were consumed? No need for insulin. No discomfort. No complications?

Carbohydrates are not essential for human functioning. We can easily break down fats for energy both from our body and our diet.

For more information check out these two talks/seminars:

Dr Stephen Phinney on carbohydrate intolerance and Virta Health treatments to reverse T2D:

Dr Jason Fung and Diet Doctor on fasting and keto for T2D:

Tom, Atlas Health

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