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Quite often, we feel like the whole world is resting on our shoulders. But when it gets tough, do we falter or do we keep going? ​

"Ask not for a lighter load, but for broader shoulders"

  • BSc (Bachelor Of Science) - Southampton Solent University   

3 years at the university have provided me with experience in the fields of massage therapy and strength and conditioning. Throughout the course, I have acquired skills for releasing tight and strengthening under-active muscles. My experience has led me to a holistic approach of massage therapy.

This diploma further focused on daily tasks which cause imbalances and chronic pain and how to treat them. It has provided me with the essential knowledge of correcting our bodies to free away different imbalances caused by our busy lives. 

  • Diploma in Soft-Tissue Therapy and Corrective Exercise

  • Biomechanics Trainer

Understanding whole body biomechanics to fix chronic imbalances is the key to an efficient body. Your body works as a system and not as individual organs and limbs. Through the course, we have learnt how the fascia and different muscles may affect distant parts of the body not related to the original injury or complaint.

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